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The Starcraft Command
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I have added two pages to the web site. One is for joining the staff, and another is for becoming an affiliate/linking to the StarCraft Command. I've also made all of the fonts the right size (I think), changed the the navigation bar to your right a little, and I've changed the links above.
I've been making small updates and changes here and there. School starts next Wednesday, and the updates will be slowed. I would like to have people help
Sorry I haven't been updating, I haven't been playing the game lately. I'm getting tired, later.
I put the anwsers to last weeks situation and put up a new one.
I've added a situation of the week in the strategies section.
I've added a "special section", after being so pissed at a backstabber. It will include articles about anything that has to do with starcraft, and my first one will be about people who ruin the game.
One month later. lol. I've had a Top 20 Sites list, as you can seee (the link is right above this). I also forgot to post that I had added an intro to the web site, sorry but you need realplayer to see it, get the free version of realplayer here.
Sorry about the downloads. I'm going to start fixing them, but for now I gotta go. Laterz.
I've added stuff and worked a lot on the ICE clan section of the site, and I added two more backstabbers.
HEY!! Sorry for the lack of updates, I got a new game, Rogue Spear, and I'm hooked hehe. I finally changed all the link colors (I think), and I changed the fonts of the titles of the strategies to their coresponding race and font, check it out its pretty cool, they're like the title of the web site. If you have anything to say, just E-mail me!
If there is ANYBODY that is good with graphics please e-mail me!!! I Desperately need a graphics artist!!!
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm adding a section for the Special Forces Clan. Go check it out if your interested in joining a clan.
sorry about the 13th message i was kinda mad lol...

Hey!! I added a couple of backstabbers. I haven't gotten any e-mail whats up?

Hey, i can read my e-mail now. There was probably some sort of virus or something. My dad had to reinstall the internet, but now i'm good to go! please e-mail me you guys, this is what the page is made of! And i'll promise to try and put it up as soon as possible and give you guys credit for it.
Thank you if you've sent me stuff, but I can't read my e-mail!!! Something is wrong and I can't go to i can't even view this web site! well, cya!
lol i'm starting to get bored with this web site again. Maybe if some people E-MAIL ME!!! i'll update some more.
I'm thinking of switching from this color text to this color text. PLEASE E-MAIL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!
I added my first backstabber guy OOOH I HATE HIM!!!
Hmm, what else should i add to this site?? I just added a bunch of files.  e-mail me!!!!!!!
I don't think that search is working if it isn't please tell me and i'll take it off. I think I got rid of all the no right clicks. I just added a bunch of pics.
Hey!! I got this great new idea. I want to give credit to first. It's a revenge on backstabbers thing. We all hate them right? Well, i'm going to start a list of them. If you find one on, get a friend and follow them into a comp stomp game. Now kill them!! Be sure to get a screen shot of when they say "BACKSTABBER!!!". HAHAHA. Give the screen shot to me and i'll post it. Cya!!
Hey, If you like this site, please tell your friends about it. I'd greatly appreciate that. I still need those files, pics, and strategies! I found something thats pretty fun. It supposedly pays you money also but I play because its fun!! join cashwars! Cya!
Hi, I really need someone to help me get this site promoted. I think I can really get this site going. I've decided to do something to it at least once a week. Once I finish the pictures and downloads section, I'm going to try to get my site listed in Yahoo! and other big search engines. Please, for my reward, you can just join It's totally free.

Well, thanks for those that have sent me strategys, I'll try and put them up soon. I've sorta quit the page, not enough time. If you really like this site please do me a favor. Visit this link and join them. This isn't one of those paid-to-surf programs that never pay. It actually works. Once you get loaded up with qool coins you bid for things, totally free. And, you get 50 qool coins just for logging in!!! Go there!!!

I'm sorry to say, I sucked so much at sc/bw I quit. I wasn't getting any better either. sorry... Lately I noticed I've been getting a lot of hits,

I'm running out of time to work on this page, so I won't be working on it much. Well, I still need some more people to help me. Please send me links, screen shots and downloads. later.

As you can see I have finished the strategy section, now I just need downloads and screen shots. If you want  to add a link to on this page e-mail me. I still need some staff members, so please join the staff if your interested. Also, I still need suggestions, like if that search is ugly, I tried to fit it in as best as I could, but...

I Need some people to help me maintain this page. Graphics, Promotion, Strategy writers, anything you can think of to help me. If your interested, E-Mail me!

I just started this page. Please e-mail me anything about this web site or starcraft, suggestions, comments, complaints, strategies, files, etc. Thank you.

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You need the starcraft fonts to properly view this web site, get them here