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1) No hacking - in all games.

2) No bullshit.

3) Be respectful to ALL clan members.

4) No fighting with other clan members.

5) You must be on at least 4 times a week, unless your on vacation.

6) No starting wars with other clans, remember, we are not a warring clan.

7) No cussing.

8) No backstabbing-in all games.

9) Don't be cheap in your games.

10) Follow those of higher ranks' orders.  Don't worry, we don't boss you around too much :) .

11) Don't boss around lesser ranks too much.

12) First report problems to Seargent, then if needed to Lt. General, if needed after that, report it to a General, and finally to a 5 Star General if there's still a problem.

13) The first time you violate the rule, you get a warning. The second time, you get a suspension. The third time, you are permanently banned from The Intra-Space Coalition of Eliteness.

14) If you give out the password to the members only section, you are permanently banned from the clan. If someone wants the password, please ask them to contact a 5 Star General.

15) Show up at all meetings, if you don't show up please be prepared to give me your excuse in E-Mail.

16) Your screen name must have the [ICE] tag (this does not apply to myself, as the name of the clan comes from my name, iceman267).

17) Relax and have fun, thats what the game's about!