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Mutalisk/Gaurdian/Devourer Strategy

This strategy was sent in by brianaurus. Thank you brianaurus!!!
This strategy really shines on island maps, but it's okay on land maps.

1. Get 9 drones and make an overlord and spawning pool and make replacement
drones. Be sure to make LOTS of sunken and spore colonies when you can get
them! You will be very vunerable to attack early on, so those colonies can
save your life!

2. Make an extractor and post 3 drones there. Made a hydralisk den when you
can get it. Make a few hydralisks. Morph the hatchery to a lair when you get
the minerals and gas and start finding a new base location.

3. Make a spire. When it's finished, create lots and lots of mutalisks. Also,
if you havn't made an evolution chamber, now is the time.

4. Make a queen's nest. When it's done, create a queen and hive. use the
queen and 2 mutalisks scout around and plant parasites. The mutalisks will
draw fire from the queen.

5. Make a greater spire. Then, turn most of your Mutalisks into Devourers and

6. Once you reach the 200 limit, (you might get by with less) attack the
bases that house the units you parasited earlier. The devourers will stop air
units and the guardians will turn the ground units and their bases to rubble.
Note that some units, (like overlords) may run to another friendly base that
may not have been discovered yet. Simply parasite the unit, and get that base