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Comp Stomp Strategy

Written by iceman267

This strategy is extremely easy to perform and works well against any computer race. In the end it leaves you the options to mass hydralisk, zerglings or mutalisks. I have beaten a computer massing hydralisk. This will only work in a map that has minerals as much as BGH (original) or more. If you don't have that many minerals I suggest getting an early expansion, but this will be much harder.

Make a drone.
Send all four starting drones to mine minerals.
Build up to drone 9.
With drone 8 build a creep colony and with drone 9 build a spawning pool.
Build around 6 sunken colonies (or what you feel is necessary)
Once your sunkens are up your safe, don't worry.
Build 8 hatcheries.
Now you have the option to:
1)Mass zerglings. This is the easiest to perform and works quite well actually.
2)Build two or more extractors and get drones mining gas. Then build a Hydralisk Den and mass hydralisk.
3)Get as many extractors as possible, get lair, get a spire and mass mutalisk. I haven't tried this one so i don't know about the outcome of it.

I usually mass zerglings since 48 pop out at a time and they're cheap, not to mention they'll win without one single upgrade when masses like this, but do what you like. Its also only 1 control for 2 zerglings (48 zerglings for 24 control isn't too bad heh?).