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The Corsair Rush
 Corsair Rush
Uses: Large island maps verses zerg.

Although it sounds rather absurd to rush a player with corsairs, this is a very limited strategy, but almost a sure win against any zerg player if executed correctly. It only works on island maps because it involves a total tech jump to 3 corsairs. 3 corsairs can find any player on the map within 1 minute if used properly. If this tactic is tried on a land map, although I have pulled it on a newbie, it probably won't work. Here is the basic build order and usage of the corsair rush:

Probes 1-7 Mine minerals in the most efficient way possible.
While probe 8 is 1/2 way completed, construct a Pylon, as this is the best possible way to accumulate minerals.
Keep building probes until 1 probe is in the process of being constructed, and 150 mineral is accumulated. This will happen at 9 probes if you did well at gathering in the beginning.
Use this 150 to warp in your gateway, while keeping up the steady production of probes thoughout the process.
While never missing the warping of a probe, build an Assimilator when 100 mineral is reached.
When the gateway is finished warping, build a cybernetics core as soon as possible, however not prioritized over the construction of probes.
Make sure 4 probes are put on your Assimilator as soon as it is complete. If this is done correctly, the cybernetics core will finish warping in when you have about 250/150 min and gas.
This is just enough to get your stargate warping in. Keep in mind that you have not warped in any zealots/Dragoons quite yet, since a zerg drop is not a threat for quite awhile.
Keep your gas spending to a minimum by warping only 1 or 2 dragoons, but make sure Corsairs are always top priority.
Send each Corsair out to scout the map as efficiently as possible, using SHIFT-right click to queue between the various starting locations on your island map.

When you find their base, 95% of the time, you will see them just beginning the constuction of a spire, as they try to execute a muta rush while getting a quick island expansion. Since very few build hydralisks, you can go in for the quick kill on all their overlords (they should have 3-4 at this point) to severely slow down their unit production. Even if they have their spire by now, they will not have enough control to mutate their mutas, buying you an extra 1 minute in the game, while they scrable to mutate more overlords. Try to attack the overlords with 3 corsairs when the lords are in a cluster, since Corsairs have nice splash damage. This will force the zerg player who you know everything about at this point, and they have not even seen your base yet to do one of three things...

1) Construct hydras to protect their overlords
2) Make spore colonies
3) Wait it out and get mutas

Either way, the zerg opponet is slowed down to the extent that a perfect reaver drop can be executed, of which SHOULD have been in construction while you were destroying the zerg lords. Very few zerg players can defeat this strategy if they don't know that it was coming, and even in the few cases that it fails for various reasons, you still know where their base is, which makes the corsair rush a great opening move for large island maps.