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Protoss Basic Build Order
Heres the build order I always use for Protoss, no matter what(except for mass dragoons theres a little difference).

1)Build probe #5. This always makes it go a little faster.(5/9)
2)Send all four starting probes to different mineral patches to start mining.(5/9)
3)Build up to probe #8(6/9-8/9)
4)Build a pylon, then a gateway, and finally another probe.(9/9, when pylon finishes 9/17)
5)As soon as your pylon is finished build probe #10.(10/17)
6)With probe #10 build an assimilator then have him mine minerals.(10/17)
7)Build probes non-stop
8)Around the 13th probe build another pylon and another gateway.
9)Build pylons as needed.
10) Make sure you put 4 probes on gas.

If your going to do an air rush I would first build a cybernetics then a forge as soon as I could. If I was going to Dark Templar rush I would do the same thing. If I was zealot rushing I would build a forge and later a cybernetics.