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Lurker Drop

This is a great strategy against Terran and Protoss and should not be used against Zerg, because of the overlords. Dropping them behind the minerals and attacking their workers is generally the best place to drop them. The only problem with this strategy is that it leaves you vulnerable to attack in the beginning.

You start out by building 9 drones, and with your 9th drone build a spawning pool. Then build your 9th drone and with one of the drones mining build an Extractor. Then build an overlord. Then your 9th drone again. After this save up until you have 300 minerals and build a Hatchery. Then continue to pump out drones out of your hatchery, putting 4 into your Extractor and the rest going to mine minerals. (If you are playing a map like BGH or a map with 2 vespene places build another Extractor now and put 4 drones in there too). After your 2nd Hatchery is done build drones out of there. Then with you get enough money upgrade your original Hatchery to a Lair. Then build a Hydralisk Den. Continue to build drones and putting them on the minerals. Then upgrade your 2nd Hatchery to a Lair. Once your first Hatchery is a Lair immediately upgrade to so the overlords can transport units. Then build another Overlord. Then build 2 Hydralisks. Then upgarde in your Hydralisk Den the Lurker upgrade. Then upgrade speed on your overlords. Then build 4 hydralisks and another overlord. When your Lurker upgarde is complete morph all 6 Hydralisks into Lurkers. Then put them into your 3 Overlords and go in the back side of their base and drop them. Keep at least 1 Overlord there if your enemy is Protoss because there is a good chance they will have Dark Templars.

If this fails, I would suggest either try another Lurker (depending on how succesful it is) or go for Mutalisks.