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Zergling/Hydralisk Rush

This attack is a good one because you start with a 6 zergling rush and eventually end with a Zergling/Hydralisk attack.

Begin mining your first 4 Drones and scouting with your Overlord. Make drones until you have 8. With your 8th drone, make a spawning pool. Now make your 8th drone again. Next make an overlord. Then make drone 9.

When your overlord is finished, make drones 10-12. When your spawning pool is finished, make 6 zerglings. This will bring your unit count to 15. Take 1 drone and make an extractor. Put one drone on gas and make an overlord. Keep making zerglings until you get 300 minerals.

Once you have 300, put down a 2nd hatchery. Keep making zerglings out of the 1st hatchery and making drones out of the 2nd. As soon as you get 100 gas, upgrade zergling speed.

When you have 3 drones on gas and 2 drones per each mineral patch, start cranking zerglings out of both hatcheries. When you have the resources, put down your 3rd hatchery and 2 evolution chambers. Upgrade melee attack and carapace as soon as you have the resources. By now you should have attacked your opponent numerous times.

Make a hydralisk den and start making hydras out of the 3rd hatchery. It is important to keep up the zergling production until you have amassed a large amount of hydras. Once you have started making hydras, upgrade one of your hatcheries to a lair. Now upgrade hydra speed and range and also get second upgrade on carapace and 1st upgrade on missle attack.

Put down a queen's nest and upgrade lair to hive. From here you have multiple options to choose from depending on your opponent.

I like to use this Strategy against anyone, it is a good all around strategy, and as long as you are upgrading you will tear your opponent up.