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The 6 Zergling Rush

Well this strategy is the ultimate Newbie thing. It is the 6 zergling rush. In a small map (Blood Bath, Lost Temple, or even The Hunters) this can be a very deadly technique because by the time your zerglings are ready it is impossible for the opposing team to have a zealot, and a terran might have a marine. So here is the build order:

Take your 4 drones and begin mining with them. As they mine to 150 begin to scout with your overlord, I try to begin at the base closest to mine. When you get 150 minerals build you spawing pool. Then when you get 50 minerals build another drone. With this drone you only want to mine 2 times. After the 2nd time begin to scout with him. When your Spawning Pool is done quickly build 6 zerglings. If you have found your opponents base set the rally point to his base. When you get another Larvae build another set of zerglings. When you go to attack you should have 6 zerglings and 1 drone and 2 zerglings traveling to his base. With the drone build a Creep Colony and then morph into a Sunken Colony as soon as it is done if your opponent is Zerg, if they are not return your Drone to continue mining. With 8 zerglings attack their Barracks if they are Terran, or attack the pylon if they are Protoss. Most people will leave because they see they do not have a chance, but if they do not continue to send Zerglings as long as you have the supply and money to do so.

The only reason that I hate doing this is because if your 6 Zergling rush failed your pretty much screwed, because throughout this entire time you have had 3 drones mining and you will not have much money. If my 6 Zergling rush failed I would immediately build all of the larvae that I have into drones and then put up 3 Sunken Colonies as soon as possible, and then I would continue and play it by ear.