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Lurker Rush

This strategy is a great one! It's fast and very precise on the build order. It was sent in my Phluid! Thanks a lot!

1)Get your 4 drones on seperate minerals patches.
2)Get more drones till you hit 9/9 control.
3)With your 9th drone get a spawning pool.
4)build a drone and an overlord.
5)when the drone is done build an extractor.
6)When the overlord is finished there are 3 larva hanging around the hatchery build 3 more drones.
7)The 3 drones and the extractor should finish about same time.
8)Get the 3 drones on gas.
9)As soon as your gas gets to 100 morph into lair.
10)get another drone and get hydralisk den.
11)get drones till you reach 15/17 control.
12) get another overlord.
13)When the hydralisk den is finished make hydralisks till you have 5.
14)When the lair is done reserch lurker.
15)when you get your 5 hydralisks you should be at a total of 20/25 control.
16)take a drone off minerals and make extractor
17)when that is finished get 2 drones off minerals and on gas.
18)Watch for when finished reserching lurker.
19)Get you lurkers and attack! This strategy also works well as a defense espescially against 12 zealot attack from a computer enemy because the computer zealots will run away when attacked by the lurkers! Have fun and play around with this and if you think of a faster way please e-mail it to me @ Phluid(DL) or

If this were to fail try another Lurker attack, but maybe with more Lurkers and some Hydralisks. Or try a drop, and lastly go for Mutalisks. I would probably do a 6 Lurker drop into his minerals and attack the front with Hydralisks.