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Zerg Build Order (hunters)

This is a Zerg strategy, sent in by Chernobyl, thanks a lot! It is a strategy particularly designed for Hunters. So, here it is:

*Send your four starting drones to separate mineral fields and build a fifth drone with your starting minerals.
*Keep making drones until you get nine.
*When you get nine drones, save up 150 minerals.
*Then, have one drone make an extractor and one drone make a creep colony.
*When the two drones are in the process of making the two buildings, build two more drones, and CANCEL construction of the creep colony and extractor.
*Now you have 11 drones using 1 overlord.
*Save up and get a second Hatchery.
*Once you build the Hatchery, make a Spawning Pool.
*You should have 9 drones right now.
*When you get 100 minerals, make an Overlord. As soon as the Overlord is done, make three more drones and build a Creep Colony in your base.
*Soon the Spawning Pool and Hatchery should be done, so make six Zerglings to defend your base.
*When you get 300 more minerals, make another Hatchery. If you are being attacked, make some more Zerglings or a couple more Sunken Colonies. Otherwise, make drones and Overlords as needed until you get about 15.
*When your third Hatchery is done, I usually use three main tactics:

Depending on what my opponent is doing, I either make mass amounts of Zerglings, go for a Hydralisk Drop, or go for Mutalisks and Zerglings. The best thing to do against a Protoss is to mass Zergling him. If you are playing Zerg, try to either go for a land/air combo or swarm him with zerglings. If you are playing Terran, the best thing to do is to Hydra Drop him as soon as you can. Be sure to keep up unit production and expand when you feel you can.

Webmaster's Note: Well, there are a just few things that I do not like about this strategy, first of all I don't think its necessary to have 11 drones at the beginning, only because it really leaves you vulnerable to a rush. But other then that, it is a good strategy.