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3 Hatchery Slaughter

This strategy was sent in by Adam, thanks a lot!
Here's a great Zerg strategy that works very well on Lost Temple, Rivalry and Hunters.

3 Hatch - Slaughter[e]

*Start by sending your Drones on seperate mineral patches
*keep making Drones every time you have 50 minerals, until you have 9 Drones.
*After you get 100 minerals, hatch an Overlord.
*Once you get 300 minerals grab the closest expansion point.
*Get 150 minerals, and build a Spawning Pool.
*Make a few Zerglings, as protection until your expansion is ready.
*After the second Hatchery is ready, make a lot of drones and build around 5 Sunken Colonies where you built your second hatchery.
*Wait until you again have 300 minerals, and build another hatchery.
*While it's building pump out tons of Overlords and Drones.
*Now, the good part, after the third hatchery morphs, start building Zerglings like crazy. *More overlords, and more Zerlings until you think you have enough Zerglings.
*You should then attack. If you don't succeed in this attack, build Extractors at your main base, and your expansion.
*get more drones for gas, build an Evolution Chamber, keep getting drones, build some spore colonies if you think your opponent may have air units. Upgrade both things at your Spawning pool, (so hurry up with a Hive, Zerglings with Adrenaline, are WAY better). Start pumping out Zerglings again, and if you still have a lot of minerals, build another hatchery. Continue until you win!

Webmaster's Note: This is a good strategy, you might want to go hydralisks instead of zerglings, but that requires gas.