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Zergling to Hydra/Lurker Attack

This strategy was sent in by Peter, thanks a lot!

This stratergy works pretty well against all races but id probably best against terran.

*Build 9 drones
*When all 9 drones have hatched build an overlord
*When the overlord is completed morph your 10th and 11th drones
*As soon as you have larvae in stock build your 12th drone
*When your 12th drone hatches you should have at least 290 minerals so morph him into a hatchery next to your first hatchery
*build 2 more drones
*as soon as youre bank has reached 150 minerals build a spawning pool
*now build an extractor-when it is completed place 3 drones on
*next morph an overlord
*keep pumping out drones
*as soon as youre spawning pool is about 3/4 of the way done build 2 sunken colonies next to each other
*As soon as you morph the 2 creep colonies to sunken colonies morph 2 more creep colonies in the corners of the creep incase the enemy tries to sneak ground units past the first 2
*Next upgrade your hatchery into a lair
*As soon as you have 100 minerals in the bank morph a hydralisks den
*Build 1 more drone
*Start to pump out zerglings until your hydralisks den is almost complete
*by this time your lair should almost be ready to hatch when it does upgrade the thing that alows you to make lurkers in your den
*start to pump out hydralisks and overlord's
*As soon as you have built 2 or 3 lurkers and have a resonable amount of hydralisks go and attack them
*if you find that they have a good defense in the front part of their base don't panic just upgrade the droping capability in your lair and drop them in
-Also expand in your natural expansion

Webmaster's Note: None, great strategy!