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3 Hatchery Zergling Rush

This strategy was sent in by Peter.

This rush is best against Protoss on medium sized maps.

*Build drones until you have 8 harvesting on the cash
*morph an overloard
*Build 9th drone
*As soon as your overlord hatches build your 10th and 11th drones
*As soon as larvae is available build 12th drone
*When you have 130 minerals in your bamk send a drone to your natural expansion and build a second hatchers
*Build 1 more drone
*Build a spawning pool
*As soon as you have 160 minerals send a drone to your ramp and build your 3rd hatchery
*Morph an overlord
*As soon as your spawning pool is ready start morphing zerglings
*Now if you find that your protoss oponent has cannoned up you have only one choice immediatly pump drones out from all 3 hatcheries
*Then you can either go for Hydra attack - Hydra drop - or air
*I recomend hydra attack it doesn't require much gas and hydras kill cannons well

Webmaster's Note: Nothing, I like this strategy.