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Slow Zerg Strat

This strategy was sent in by Bloodtang, thanks a lot!

This strategy is best used against the Protoss. It is effective however against the Terran. Larger maps are required for this, or a map with good building room.

***( by someone who knows their way around starcraft and can Improvise in times of need)***

Get 9 drones
have each drone mine minerals, remember only one drone per mineral.
Get another Overlord, make more drones, fill up your minerals with drones, trust me.
Then create 3 hatcheries (by this time you should have more than enough money to do this)
As soon as they are done create a spawning pool.
Build an extractor (as many as needed for the amount of geysers.)
put 4 drones per Geyser.
By this time the 3rd Hatchery should be done.
Build 3 evolution chambers and 2 hydralisk dens.
During this build around 7 more hatcheries with drones created by the 3 previously built.
As soon as a den is done build Hydralisks and upgrade a hatchery.
Continue to pump out hydralisks and also if you need expand.
Upgrade Speed and Sight range of the Overlords (no need to upgrade carrying because with this plan you wont need it)
Make sure you have enough overlords to use all available underling limit.
During all of this you should be upgrading your hydralisks at the evolution chambers.
When you get around 100 or so hydra's attack.
If this fails (it most likely will at first) continue to build hydralisks, let the hydras on attack die off they are just the first wave.
Build more hydras
If by this time you have not killed the opponent they will have realized that you are using ground and will go for strong ground units.
Zerglings should be your answer.
Over Run them with zerglings to throw them off
Do hydras again
If by this time you have not beaten them, well than you messed up, you suck, or the opponent is awesome.

Webmaster's Note: Well, like the strategy is called, it is quite slow, so you will need a huge map for this, and a LOT of building room. Personally, I would suggest not building so many hatcheries, depending on mineral's I really think 4 would be enough, but you need to be the judge of that. If they were to go air, you should continue going hydra's.