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Mass Hydralisk Rush

This strategy was created and sent in by General~Kaal, thanks a lot!


Make up to 9 drones and tell the 9th to make a spawning pool.
Get another drone.
Get an Overlord.
Send your new drone to make a creep colony in the direction of your base entrance.
Make another drone.
Send that drone to make an Extractor.
If done right you should have 100 minerals and 2 larva as your Overlord spawns so make 2 drones.
Send them to gas untill the creep has made its way to your base entrance.
You are constantly making drones as larva/minerals become availible.
Begin making about 5 or 6 creep colonies as well as a hydralisk den.
Send a drone to make a 2nd Hatchery.
Make more drones and send them to minerals.
Make an Overlord.
After you have about 13 drones at minerals you should stop drone production for a bit and concentrate on 6-12 hydras for added defense.
After that make 3 drones, 1 for a 3rd Hatchery, and 2 for Evolution Chambers.
Get another Overlord.
Research Burrowing.
Get a number of zerglings equal to that of the shrouded bases on the map + number of opponents you have (IE. If on BGH and your playing 2 on 2, get 8 zerglings).
Send the Zerglings to the shrouded bases to recon.
Keep the extra zerglings back for a bit and send them to the enemy base after your first recon team gets killed.
Burrow the extra Zerglings in front of the enemy bases as well as the Zerglings in the unoccupied ones so you can see if they expand.
Get 12 more hydralisks.
Begin upgrading you Carapace, Missle Attack, Hydralisk Movement, Hydralisk Missle Range, and a hatchery to a Hive.
As the lair is 75% complete make 1 drone.
Send the drone to make a Queens Nest.
Get another Overlord.
Get 12 more hydralisks.
Make a drone and send it to make a 4th hatchery.
Upgrade to level 2 carapace and missle attack.
Upgrade to Lair.
Get more Overlords and Hydralisks (should have 4 groups of 12 now).
Attack with 24 hydralisks.
Upgrade to level 3 carapace and missle attack.
From here on out make all hydralisks and overlords as they are needed.
Send them in waves of 24 or 36.
You should be able to send a new wave every few minutes and eventually you should be able to beat your opponent.


1. Hotkey your 4 hatcheries to be numbers 7-0.
2. Make all 4's rally points the same.
3. To effectively hotkey hydralisk groups, double click one, burrow the 12, and hotkey them. Simply double click the unburrowed hydras and you will quickly have all your hydras organized into squadrons.
4. When attacking your opponent, if no defending units/buildings are in your way, destroy buildings that produce or allow production of the most potent threat to your attack. Common targets are gateways, hydralisk dens, and barracks/factorys. If fighting Zerg do not go for hatcheries at once, they cant make lings/hydras if you destroy those 2 buildings... and spawning pools and lisk dens are much easier to kill than hatcheries/hives/lairs.


1. MASS defense. New/Intermediate players tend to fill their bases with defensive buildings like sunkens, bunkers, and cannons. DO NOT go all hydras if this is the case. Instead begin making a spire/greater spire and go for guardians. Send the guardians slightly in front of your hydra army so they can take out those pesky defense buildings while the hydras protect them from Air and mobile defense.
2. Double-teaming. If playing a team game, you may get rushed quickly and your sunkens may not be enough. Instead of getting your hydralisk den and 2nd hatchery right away, make more sunkens and possibly make your zerglings earlier. As you dont need them, send them out to scout.
3. Limited Minerals. This strategy does not involve expanding to other bases. On blizzard accepted maps this strategy will NOT work too well. You will either have to expand and divide your defensive forces, or you will run out of minerals. Use this strategy on money maps only...or customize it to include a limited ammount of expansion.
4. I havnt tested this very much against real people. All I know is that whenever I play a 2 vs 2 comp or somthing, I always have the most points... and most times twice as many as the 2nd place person. I would suggest some spore colonies against a real opponent, as well as a couple sunkens deeper in your base for anti-drop.