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BGH Build Order

Here is my strategy for bgh that I never lost with.
I recomend this strategy for newbies because this strategy will actually work and was used, not some weardo strategy that someone thought of but never used. ok check it out. Also if your a good bgh player take a look too because you'll find something that may make u have an undefeated record.

Also keep in mind that unless your under attack, not every second of any build order counts! just make sure u dont make the seconds add up!

- keep building untill u get 9 drones
- with the ninth drone u send it to the front and build a hatcherie there.
- really shortly u will have 50 minerals, and with that build another drone, when the drone comes out make it to a spawning pool.
- next 50 mineral u get, build a drone, then next 100 build a overlord.
- before the overlord comes out drone will come out, and build an extractor with that
- overlord comes out, keep building drones untill u get like up to 16 supplies used(also send only one drone to the extractor as fast as u can)
- supply is 16,i start creeping my choke point(4 normally, 4+ if i know im geting attacked,which probably never happens) and also build an overlord somewhere around there(doesnt really matter when)
- after ur sunkens are up, your safe, and if u know what to do, dont worry about loosing cause u cant even if u try.
- now build a thrid hatcherie, and keep pumping drones and overlord
* note: while this is happening if u get attacked
anytime, just build a whole buncch of
lings, and lings + sunken = no worry
- as ur drone keep coming, u should have enough minerals to build 4th hatcherie, then a den with 2 evolution chambers, fill up as much gas as u want, then 5th and 6th, and 7th hatcherie.
-Your 2 mineral fields and gas should be MODERATELY not jammed, with drones.(i cant tell u how many drones but just look at other players minerals and u should have that much
-If you dont kill the guy in 1 - 3 tries, expand one more time to a starting mineral field. After that hatch is done, u can ill it up with drones with one or two sets of larvae! and dont forget after u get that extra expansion, build another 4+ hatcheries to pump guys with.

after this point u can do anything u want. go hydras, go mutas or do anything.
Use a maphack. eveyone elese has it so just use it and see what other people have, when they have whole bunch of sunkens and lings, get ur mutas(in bgh a muta rush is not with 6 muta, its with 10-12, 6 mutas will do nothing but alert the other guy that u are going mutas)

If the other guy is terren or toss without blocking there choke or have a whole bunch of units, u should get hydras. Just build 12 and run in back of where they mine. while this is happeneing u should be puming out more and more hydras.

tip. When u go heavy on one branch of the tech tree, muta
or hydra, stick to it. Dont switch because ull waste time on
their evolutions.

- if the other guy has a whole bunch of zelots and dragoons, go 12 lurkers and hydras. zelots will do nothing to u, and the dragoon might scratch you once or twice if they are lucky.

-If the other guy goes tanks and marines, lurkers kill them too, make sure u have alot of lurkers, atack with hydras first and when they are shooting at your hydras run in with lurkres and burrow.

-If the other guy mass hydras get ur lurker reay, lurker kill all masses.

-if the zerg gos air on you, u should first build a whole bunch of spores and then get devourors(dont switch to dev. just use like 8 of them to aid ur hydras to kill all their mutas and guardians.

those are all the comon attack i covered so if u use this strat u shouldt loose in a normal basis.

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