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Dark Templar Rush 2
These units are why in my belief is why Protoss is the best race. Dark Templars are probably used the most often with Protoss, and the reason why: they are always cloaked, they attack for a lot, and they are not terribly expensive. Here is a great building order for getting these guys:

Begin by getting 7 probes and with the 7th probe build a Pylon.Then build 2 more probes and then a Gateway. Then build 3 more probes, and then 1 Zealot. Then build an Assimalator. With the Probe that build the Assimilator send him back to the minerals. Build 3 more probes and send all of them to mine gas. Take 1 probe from your minerals and also send him to get gas. Then build another Zealot and with him scout, and then get a Cybernetics Core. Then build another Gateway, and then a Citadal of Adun, and then a Templar Archives. Build another Pylon and then 4 Dark Templars and then attack.

If you notice immediately that they have detection, do not just send the Dark Templars to see if they can beat them because with 4 Dark Templars you probably cannot. I would go back to my base and build a Robotics Support Bay, then a Shuttle, and then drop the Dark Templars. This will be more successful this way. If you can drop 8, it will work much better.