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Zealot Rush
A Zealot rush can be very, very effective especially early on in the game. If you get Zealots fast enough it is nearly impossible for Zerg to defend against it. If you are planning to do a Zealot Rush against Terran you might want to consider how many bunkers they have and if they plan on repairing their buildings. A Zealot rush against Protoss can be effective if the Protoss player does not go straight Zealots. So here is a very good build order:

You start out by building 7 probes and with the 7th probe you build a Pylon.With that probe continue mining and then get 1 more probe. When your pylon is done save up until you have 150 minerals. Then build a Gateway. Then build another probe and then build another Gateway. Build 1 zealot and then build another Pylon. With the Probe that built the Pylon begin to scout with him. Continue building Probes, Zealots and Pylons as neccessary. When you have between 5 and 8 Zealots attack. If this fails you should have a ton of money and then you should build 2 more Gateways and begin to train Zealots from all 4 Gateways. As your Gateway's finish begin to pump out the Zealots from all 4 of your Gateways. With all of these Zealots coming out you are going to need a lot of Pylons. When you have between 12 and 24 Zealots go kill someone. If this fails (which I doubt it will) do not continue to go Zealots if it is obviously not working go for a different kind of unit, and watch out for an air attack, because that can be deadly. Begin by getting an Assimilator, and then decide what your unit your going to get from there.

This is a great Strategy. In Brood War make sure you have some cannons in case of a Dark Templar and Lurker attack.