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Scout/Carrier Rush
This Strategy was sent in by Katzinlv, thanks a lot! It is a good build order.

-Build 3 probes, use them to mine
-build 2 more probes, have one build an assimilator and one build a pylon
-build 2 more pylons then 5 probes(3 mine minerals, 2 on gas)
-use the probe that built the assimilator to mine gas also
-Build a gateway and a few zealots
-build 5 probes to mine gas
-build a cybernetics core then build 3 or 4 pylons around your base(if your lucky
enough to play in a map with 1 entrance and exit to your base, put 3 there and 1 elsewhere
-build cannons around (or at the entrance/exit) you should make about 8-14 cannons
-build stargate then 5 probes to mine minerals
-build fleet beacon
-build 5 scouts and 2 or 3 carriers(with 4 interceptors)
-upgrade at fleet beacon(for 8 interceptors)
-use 3 scouts for cannon defense (long range)
-send them off to destroy(2 scouts kill attackers carriers kill buildings)
-build more cannons for defense
-build the same amount of carriers as scouts and keep killing
-you should win soon.(if not.........then your slow or someone else used the same

Webmaster's Note: I would probably use a couple more Scouts in the initial attack, and against Zerg I would bring along a couple of High Templar and make sure to have Psi Storm upgraded.