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A Protoss Build Order
This Strategy was sent in by ViperWiz321, thanks a lot!

When starting of you should first make 4 probes since 4 is the number of probes which you start out with (immediately put those 8 probes  to collect minerals)

make one more probe and have him warp a pylon right next to your nexus to save time

make him create another one at the entrance of your base
the first pylon should be finished by now, at the original pylon create a forge.

With the creation of those 2 pylons you should make as many as 16 more probes  to collect minerals a lot quicker which you will need in the very near future,

after those 16 probes are collecting minerals, you will have the probe that was warping the pylons

build two rows of 4 photon cannons at the entrance of the town for early protection,
now take this drone and make as many assimilators as there are geysers in your town

as those are being warped in you should make 4 drones for every vespene geyser that you have(build pylons as needed for psy), make those new drones collect vespene gas, collect a reasonable amount of gas. From here you can go in any of the 3 directions that I am about to describe:

1) Build 12 gateways, 3 pylons powering each gateway then soon after build a small pylon field other wise known as a 4 by 4 pylon grid, this should provide enough supply for all the zealots that you are going to be making. After the pylons are done wait a minute or two for your minerals to resupply then set the rally points for the gateways in a common area then make 3 zealots in each gateway, (a way to make this happen fast is by using the keyboard) this will provide 36 zealots in very short time after this batch is done do this one more time. After doing so attack your enemies with your 72 zealots, this is a force to be reckoned with nothing can withstand this extremely powerful wrath (you don't have to worry about attacks from the air because you have enough strength to destroy all the buildings before your zealots die.

2) Build a Cybernetics Core and then build 6 Robotics Facilities and one Support bay then research the larger reaver capacity and make 12 Shuttles and 24 reavers full of scarab drones. After this task is complete put the reavers inside of the 12 shuttles the procedure you will do is called "Reaver Drop". Take the shuttles with the reavers and dump them right in the middle of your enemies town and you will destroy their town from the inside out, this maneuver is very demonic. Use it wisely because it requires a lot of minerals and vespene.

3) Do the same thing as in plan 1 except that you should use dark templars and your enemy will be eradicated at once. CAUTION: DO NOT USE THIS AGAINST THE ZERG (because they have detector units every where, you might as well just use the zealot plan, its a lot cheaper).