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Protoss Defensive Strategy
This Strategy was sent in by Jameesbnd7, thanks a lot!

You start off with 4 Probes, have those probes go mine,and build another probe since you start out with 50 minerals.Once you get 50 more minerals get another probe,until you get 9. Use one of your probes to build a pylon near your nexus. Once that is warped in, build a forge. While the forge is building, build two pylons on the left and right side of your entrance(s). Also while the forge is being built, build more probes from the support of the pylon created for the forge. Have the new probes mine minerals exect for 3 or 4 and have them build an Assimilator and get vespene. Have the probe which warped in the two pylons start building cannons at your entrance until it is packed and you have at least three rows of cannons. Once that is done, build more cannons on the rim of your base in case there is an air attack or an overlord scouting.Once that is done build all the stuff for your tech tree. I would also put a cannon inside your base in case a unit that is cloaked gets inside your base. I would also build some observers and dragoons if playing against terran, since once the terran upgrades the ghost, the ghost can nuke your cannons from a furhter distance than your cannons can attack.

Webmaster's Note: This is a good beginning strategy, I would say traditionally this is mostly done by beginners, but it is also a wise plan for a intermediate and even an advanced player. This is also a great idea if you are planning to build a larger and more expensive unit such as carriers.