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Protoss Comp Stomp Strategy
This strategy was sent in by Fox Dynasty, thanks a lot!
I personally use this in compstomp but also can be used in a game with no rush (safely). first u start out with the 4 probes of course. then u get as many probes as u can, which would be 9. all of them going to minerals. at the 9th one u make 2 pylons. one of them close to your town and the other one in the center of your exit. Sometimes i make 2 pylons at the enterance if i'm going against other ppl. but if there are no rules then go for one. then i make a forge at the pylon closest to your nexus and then start producing as many probes as possible until it forms (the forge). after it forms go back to your exit and start build some cannons. try not to get too many b/c it waste money. after u have enough (2 rows max) then create a gateway. as soon as u do that make more probes (the more the merrier) and keep in mind that u make these probes go to the minerals only. after it forms (the gateway) train 3-5 zelots, depending on how much money u got.

After u got them going make 2 cybernetic cores. then get 4 assimulators if u can. then make 3 probes to each assimulator. make 3 more zlots. make 5-6 pylons in a line, these will be for your stargates. make them off to the side too...plenty of room. then make 3 stargates on ea. side of the pylons, that would be 6 stargates. then make fleet beacon (with upgrade of interceptor capacity) and then u can go for observers first or abitars. i then wait until i have enough money (1500 or so) for carriers...that would be about 3-4 carriers. make all the rest of the buildings. make 3 more carriers as soon as u can. make 12 carriers before u make abitars. as soon as u are making abitars do upgrades. ONLY THE ONES U NEED. i personaly get 4 templers with psy storm =-). get at least 4 arbitars. then go out hunting!