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Protoss Basic Defense
This strategy was sent in by Xourn, thanks a lot!
1.) Start mining with original probes.
2.) Make new probe, and then every chance you get make another until the ninth, then use that one to make a pylon somewhere. And if you don't make anything else while you are waiting, by the time you can start up the forge, you can make 5 more probes.
3.) As the forge is warping in, go to the entrance of your base, assuming you have just one. And build one pylon, then when you can start making cannons, and be sure that you are sending the probes to mine, make a cannon so it is beside or below the pylon, depending on what direction your entrance is coming from.
4.) Make cannons until you run out of room in the line that you are making, and build another pylon at the other side of the line, this works nice if you are making an L shaped formation. Then build up from there, and that will stop the initial attacks from most anything, and it can be done quite fast as well.

Webmaster's Note: I think this is a pretty good strategy to beef up defense's at the beginning.