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Reaver Call
This strategy was created by Manwich, thanks a lot!

By the time you have Reavers and Arbiters you should be just getting your full amount of zealots and cannons. Also dont build 10 cannons at once build 2 then wait a minute. Then 2 etc...... ok now i start

First get like 12 probes going money
build 1 gateway and one forge.
build pylons as needed.
get the following units not all at once but sparringlly:
ok go for several cannons and 12-24 zeos at first then get 8 guys going for gas.
get cybernetics and upgrades ground attack once and start upgrading ground armor (3 times).
start getting stargate and robotics facility
as soon as they warp in build support bay and fleet beacon.
when support bay comes in build 8-10 reavers and another facility.
when beacon warps in build arbiter tribunal(optional get another stargate). build arbiters-about 4 and upgrade recal and stasis field and the kahdiryn core.
once you have all three upgrades for the arbiter and full energy go to the enemys base and stasis field any dangerous units then recall (3 times probably) all your zeolots and reavers near the minerals to kill their workers.
even if he has air turrets , spore colonies, or cannons arbiters have lots of life so fly right past while stasis on some units then imediattley recall 1 group then get the other groups in the minerals ASAP ******
also you may use high templar to hulcinate so your real arbiters dont get hurt.
Also recall High Templars to shock troops of air attack and dangerous units.*** if you do this correctly your opponent should just be getting hive buildings-science facilitys- or fleet beacons!( i strongly suggest getting leg implants for zeo and getting 4-6 high templer for defense until you have your ReaverCall!!!!!