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Protoss Recall Rush
This strategy was sent in by David, thanks!

get your first four probes on seprate mineral fields
get probes till it says 7/9
then build a pylon then tell that probe to go mine.
then keep getting probes till all the mineral fields are full  
get one more probe.
this last probe you get is your "building probe"
have him build a gateway then another pylon then another gateway until you have 4 gateways and have them pumping out zealots till you have 12.
"for defense get a couple cannons around your entrance.
after this get three guys on vespian guysers.
get a cybernetics core.
after that start pumping out dragoons like there is no tomarrow.
get two stargates and one citadel.
get your temple of archives coming once thats done get ONE arbiter bay and get recal and two arbiters going
when they come out and have enough energy to recall go send them to the mineral area of the enemies base and recall whatever ground unit you have dragoons or not.
Now if you dont think this works try me and i pull this off everytime in 15 min and guess how many times it has fialed.....0 its true if you dont beilve me challenge me it works very well.