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Dark Templar Rush

The dark templar is easily one of the most powerful early units of the game, because they do possess permanent cloaking, and can dish out 40 normal damage. This is especially useful against a Terran player who chooses to build unecessary structures as double bunkers, or triple barracks.
Build Probe #5.
Have the 4 probes to gather from different mineral patches.
Build up to probe #8.
Build a Pylon and a Gateway.
Build up to probe #10 and build an assimilator.
Get zealots and try to slow any terran attacks.
Build Probes non-stop.
Build a cybernetics.
Around the 13th probe build a second Gateway.
Build citadel of adun.
Build a templar archives.

Now you can access Dark Templars. This will not hurt you if your opponent has a comstat, but it will be a bad idea if he has turrets.t  Send your first pair of dark templars to his base to scout and don't attack anything. If it is clear, produce more as fast as possible and send them to take out any comstats first. once this goes down the game is over. Also make sure there aren't any turrets being built as you are trying to eliminate your opponent. Even if this fails, your opponent cannot attack you, since you can stop any ground assault with your dark templars, and it also forces him to waste a few 100 minerals on turrets. Use this on Terran and Protoss, Don't use it on zerg unles you've scouted and you can kill him or just set him back(because of his overlords, he could see your dark templars).