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Nuke Rush 2

This strategy was sent in by monkey shit, thanks a lot!

First you send all your scvs to mine.  Then you get more scvs till you have 10 total.  When the 10th one is done, make a vespane gas.  Also pull off a scv from the minerals to build a barrack (you probably will have enough money).  Also pull off another one when you have 100 minerals and build a supply depot.  Then get two more scvs when the supply is done and also the gas should be done by the same time as the supply.  Send the scv to mine gas.  Send the two scvs to mine and also your barracks should be done and you should have enough money for two marines and maybe a bunker.  Then get your factory once you have enough.  When you are building your factory, build as much defense as you like but keep 150 minerals and 100 gas for the starport once the factory is done.  Then build your starport and while you are building your starport, build your acedamy.  After the starport is done, build your science facility and add-on the convert opps when it is done.  Then build your nukes and have fun.

There are problems with this because u have little defense from a zealot rush but i suggest you get your machine shop and researh spider mines and build your vultures.   Also you should build you control panel if u want to drop your ghost into someone's base if u want to kill their miners.

This is good strategy but it only cripples your opponent and you need units to actually finish them.

**works best with a partner**

Webmaster's Note: Once in a while I will try a similar strategy to this on B.Net, and the key to making this successful, is to never stop building SCV's, except at one time and that is when your Nuke add-on to your Command Center is being built. I would also suggest researching cloak then range for your ghost's, getting dropships, and building as many as 5 barrack's but at least 4. And with a good money supply, while you are waiting you should be able to pump out a LOT of marine's. Because once people see that you are nuking, they automatically assume you have nothing in your base. In the above strategy you will not, but in my strategy I usually have about 50-75 marine's. Experiment with this strategy, and if there is a way you can improve this strategy, please send it to me at