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Nuke Rush


This strategy was sent in by Y.2.K.O.O.!

1. build up to 9 scvs and when the 9th one comes out build a barrack...on the 10th one build a supply depot.
2. when both scvs r done make them collect minerals and continue to pump out scvs...(u should have about 250 minerals so just make 5 more giving u 15 scvs...u click on the scv button 5 times...when the 3rd one comes out make a refinery....then make another refinery on the 4th)
3. build academy a factory and a bunker with 4 marines at the same time...while filling up the refinery with 3 scv each
4. continue to build scvs...and as soon as the factory is done build a stargate...and when thats done build a drop ship and a science building.
5. also when the stargate is done...take 2 scvs and build 2 command centers giving u 3 total.
6. while ur doing all of this u must continue to make supply depots at least until the supply number is around 70
7. build covert ops and when it is done research 2 ghosts and 3 nuke silos...then research ghost site range and build nukes
8. get ready to drop the ghost in the enemies base.

all this can be done in 10-15 min and should be done with a partner because it neglects defense...but is the quickest way to get nukes and u can nuke continuosly because if u keep making the nukes after u use them then they will never run out.