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Tank/Marine Drop

This strategy was sent in by DaWaR13, thanks a lot!

Ok, this is seems like a really dumb strat. but it really works. I have tested it several times and have gotten the drop off 90% of the time.Heres the build order.

-Build 7 scvs, on the 7th one begin building the supply depot blockade defense.
-As the 7th scv is building the blockade defense, build 2 more scvs.
-On the 9th scv take him and build 2 barracks. The blockade should be done by now.
-Unlike the normal bunkers behind the depots, dont build them instead replace that with marines and medics.
-next start pumping scvs and marines get alot of them (20 scvs, lots of marines)
-as soon as the barracks are done, get gas (3 scvs per refinery)
-Next build a academy, and upgrade stim-packs and shells.
-By now you should have a abundace of marines and medics.
-Now take the marines and medics and place them behind the depots.
-Ok, as you are building be sure to stay up with your population.
-Build 2 factorys and 3 stargates
-Get the 2 factories to build 4 tanks each, and take 2 of the 3 stargates to build 4 drop ships each, with the other stargate build 3 wraiths
-Now as the tanks come out of the factory use them as defense behind your marines, because eventully your defense will become your offence
-When all the ships are built, load them up with as much of your army as you can. But be sure to load all of your tanks up first.
-Now, you have your squad loaded.You have 8 dropships filled with as much as possible,and 3 wraiths as your diversion.
-You have 2 choices you can do with this.
1.You can take your wraiths and hit there mineral workers, split your dropships in to two groups divide them up 4 dropships and 4 dropships and go on bolth sides of your enemy.
2.You can use the wraiths as in you used them in plan 1, then just drop your load on 1 side and wipe em out.

You may have to repeat this over but harrass your enemy and drop in different spots each time, make sure to keep your marines with your tanks for air support from air. Together they make a deadly combination.