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Bunker Push

This strategy was sent in by Creepcolony, thanks a lot!

1.  Build SCVs and with #7, build supply depot.
2.  Keep building SCVs and when the guy build the depot is done, make him build a barracks.
3.  Once you have at least 8 SCVs mining, build another barracks, so you have 2.
4.  Start building marines, and once you have 6 or 8, take them and an SCV to your opponents base.  Also be sure to have upgraded U-238 shells.
5.  Build a bunker near their buildings, and since it's still early in the game, they probably only have the basic unit building.
6.  Once the bunker is done, fill it with marines and watch the building get toast.
7.  While that's happening send 4 more marines to the base and build another bunker.   build it further into their base, like closer to their supply depots or workers.
8.  Repeat this, and all it takes is 3 or 4 bunkers to eliminate your opponent.

Webmaster's Note: I'm not so sure that this will work. If you have enough time to build a supply depot, 2 barracks, 6-8 marines and then a bunker, I'm pretty sure your opposing player will have units or even defense. Instead perhaps you may want to build 2 bunkers outside of their base and then slowly creep bunkers in filling each with marine's. That seems like a more practical idea. Like always, experiment and see what works best!