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Enemy Inoffensive

Make 7 SCV's
with the 7th one build a supply depot
then while the supply depot is builded make 2 SCV
when the first SCV is done the supply depot will be done too
build one barracks with the same SCV that was building the supply depot
while the barracks is getting builded make 2 scv and build one refinery and put the other scv to harvest gas
when the barracks is finished make one marine and one SCV to harvest gas. wait until you have 200 minerals and 100 Gas (not much time)
whit the scv that was building the barracks build a Factory
In like 20 seconds you will be able to build another, get one SCV that is getting minerals and build it (the factory)
when the 2nd factory haves 50% done, build the Add on to the factory  and research Siege mode
While researching siege mode you will be able to build a tank and build the add on to the other factory.
in that time try to make some marines like 6 so the tanks have some support.
Build 2 tanks more and then build the academy
while building the academy you will have like 5-7 tanks
send them whit the marines to look for the base of the opponent (if its a 1 vs 1 map it will be more easy.
When the academy is finished build the add on for the comand center (comsat Station)
you will be able to scan one time (whitout waitnig) when you found him  scan his defenses (if he have some) and place you tanks in siege mode, that makes the opponent get Mad
when you destroy his defenses get back to tank mode the tanks and send them whit the marines back to base(if 1v1 kill him).  The enemy will be inofensive against you  (if you do it correctly)

Comment: this strategy is recomended for maps that you know very well or for 1 vs 1 games