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Terran Defense Strategy

This strategy was sent in by Xourn, thanks a lot!

First off, send the SCV's off to get their minerals, then every chance you get build another SCV, and keep sending them for Minerals, and when the ninth comes along, I usually send him out of the main base area, but keep him close by. I build a Barracks, and while it is being made, the tenth comes out around the half-way mark of the Barracks. I send him to make a supply depot, and while that is being made, if it is done quite fast, they should either be done at the same time, or the supply depot should be done first, then I make another Barracks right next to the other, make sure you always set up your rally points. You should have ten SCV's eight of them mining minerals. Now that you have your first Barracks done, and the other on the way. Send your SCV to the entrance of your base and have him build a Bunker to the side so you can make a row of them. Be sure you make four Marines so that you have something to put in the Bunkers. That second Barracks should be done, and some more SCV's should be made now. Don't go overboard, just five or so should be good for now. Build up a few more Bunkers until you have no more room at the entrance of your base in the line, and keep filling them up with marine's. Keep a SCV nearby incase you take more then superficial damage. But never EVER leave your buildings hurt. It only hurts you in the long run.

Play around with this. Find out how you can make it go faster, and remember the fastest way to go about things is using the hot keys. If you change this around, please give me a bit of credit for it. Hehe. Not that a strategy needs credit, but I would be all happy and stuff.