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Firebat Rush

This strategy was sent in by rapsac642, thanks a lot!

If it is early in the game when the tech level is low, and your enemy is employing mainly light assault warriors (marines, firebats, medics,zerglings, or zealots), a great unit you can use is firebats.
First pump out 8 SCV's. Then build a supply depot. Build a barracks, and while it is building make more scv's.  Once your barracks is done make a Acadamy, and while it is building make a refinery.  Start building a few more barracks (at least one more), and pump out firebats.  As soon as the acadamy is finished research stim packs(It creates a significant edge in combat).  Once you have about 12-18 firebats go have fun.  Check your enemies location ahead of time with an SCV.
You must be very quick in doing this, and when you attack you may want to run straight past the enemy defense buildings such as colonies, cannons, or bunkers. When you are running past their defense be sure to use stim packs, so you can run faster.
This can be risky, because it leaves you vulnerable to a marine, zealot, or zergling rush at the beginning, so it may be good only to employ this strategy when you are assisted with an allie.

Webmaster's Note: I really like this strategy. The only thing I might do differently, is instead of going academy, then refinery, I would build a refinery, and then an academy. I would also build about 3 or 4 barracks, and finally I would never stop building SCV's