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Ground Rush

This strategy was sent in by rapsac642, thanks a lot!

      This strategy works particularly well in Big Game Hunters because of the narrow base entrance. Start building Scv's until you have 7 or and then build an additional supply depot.  Then Build a Barracks which you should immediately train marines with.  After this build a refinery.  While the refinery is building store up about 6 marines. (note: It may not be a wise idea to get bunkers or any expenses that will not be particularly useful on the attack, because you want to save every mineral you can.  Use your ready marines as your primary defense for now.)

      When you have a refinery, get about 3 scv's in it, while you have about 10 scv's on minerals.  Build a refinery and after it is built, build a a factory.  While the factory is being build an army of marines, firebats, and medics(If Broodwar).  IF you do have Broodwar, be sure to get one medic for every six marines or firebats that you get.  The Factory should be done about this time, and immediately upgrade siege, then start building tanks.  When you have 6-10 marines and 6-10 firebats and 2-4 medics send them to the front lines.  When you have 2-4 tanks with tanks with siege mode send them to join your infantry.  It may be wise to send an SCV ahead of time to pinpoint the location of the enemy.

   Send your strike force to the entrance of the enemy base where you should put your tanks into siege mode. (note: If the enemy has photon cannons, sunken colonies, or bunkers, be sure to take them out with the Siege tanks superior range.) Place the firebats in front of the tanks(Firebats are probably just the thing you need to take out the units the enemy will throw at you, especially if they are zealots, zerglings, marines, or firebats.)  With the Firebats in the front, the marines behind the firebats, and the medics beside the firebats, you will wreak havoc upon their front defense lines.  It would be a very good idea to be continually building up new forces and setting the rally point to the enemies front lines.

   If you take out the front defense, you can cause very serious damage to your opponent by sending at least 3 siege tanks to the very middle of the enemy base and putting them in siege mode.  You can take out their workers in no time if you send in firebats to their resource area. Send all your marines to the middle of the base, to acompany your tank. Hitting the enemy in the center of their base is very effective but you must take out the front lines first.

   Note: One problem with this strategy is you meet up with some air units along your path.  This may be the death of you if you didn't build enough marines. Be sure to take this precaution.

   Note: You must be very quick in getting your first marines built. Otherwise, you might end up with zealots or zerglings dashing around your base.