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6 Zergling Rush Defense

This is a defense plan for a 6 Zergling Rush. And was sent in by Spitfire, thanks a lot!

First of all you need to make 2 SCV's then start a barracks, and make another SCV. Then once you get 100 minerals build a supply depot and then 2 more SCV's. By then the depot and barracks should be done. Then make a marine and have a SCV make a bunker next to your Comand Center. Once the marine is done put him into the bunker. At about this time a ling rush will occur. When the lings come in, surround the bunker with your SCVs and have them repair the bunker. They will keep repaing the bunker while the marine shoots and kills the lings. Then you can go from there. I think that if you can set this up quick enough you will agree that it is the best ling defense against lings.

Webmaster's Note: I agree, this is a good strategy for defending the rush, my only suggestion would be not to be intimidated to attack the zerglings with the SCV's.