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Ghost Nuke

This isn't exactly a Build Order, but its a great idea and I felt people would want to read about it.

One of the deadliest weapon of the Terran race is the Nuclear warheads they create. Though, these are hard to fire. You need a Ghost to activate this nuke and send it to the enemy, though by the time the enemy hears the words "Nuclear launch detected" and the words appearing on their screen, they automatically try and find the red dot. Then they put a detector around there and kill the ghost. This will cause you to lose that nuke and you've waste your time building it. There is a way though for you to nuke the enemy from inside their base, yes, inside their base.

Your base must have defenses up and ready for anything, from flyers, to grounders, to spell casters. You then start building your nuke from here. Build one tank, three marines, two ghosts, and a dropship while this nuke is being built. Load these guys into the dropship with one ghost cloaked when the nuke is finished. Send these guys into the enemy base, and use the tank and marines to attack. Do not attack with that cloaked ghost. While your guys are moving towards the enemy base, use your other ghost and move the the enemy's front line and out of range of their detectors. At this point you should have the ocular implants upgraded for the ghost. Be sure the ghost in front of the base is cloaked. Leave him there while you take your other ghost insided their base and nuke their whole front line. Put the "red dot" in the middle of their units. When the enemy finds the dot, they they will most likely try and find the Ghost in the front of their base. When they see the decoy ghost in front they will kill it, but unaware that the nuke is still coming. The nuke will hit and waste pretty much anything in the way. The enemy will never know what hit them.

Warning!!! do NOT use this strategy on PROTOSS because of there shields!!! you will need at least 2 nukes to destroy some of there buildings. Workes best with TERRANS.

Webmaster's Note: The only problem I see with this would be how long this takes. By the time all of your nuke and stuff is ready your opponent could have some very powerful units. Just make sure to have bigger units or be able to get bigger units.