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Goliath Drop

This is a great strategy! Not so much a build order, but a great startegy! It was sent in by Viperwiz321, thanks a lot! Here it is:

One of my favorite way of attacking is using Goliaths, Wraiths, and Tanks when attacking. This strategy is not one that you can expect to use in the begining of your game. It is intended to be used later on in the game as the first strike, while then pulling in your other units.

You should start out by getting your defenses up, and protecting yourself from the enemy. Build two barracks and put marines into bunkers as fast as you can. When you see that your defenses are adequate build your first factory. Start searching for an expansion, and set up some turrets around your base with a 5 to 6 marines by each of them. Build five to six tanks and have them up for defense by your bunkers. Remember repair if they are damaged. The next four to five tanks you build, should go to your expansion. Train more marines to send with the tanks go to the other expansion.

Set up defenses at that expansion with bunkers and turrets, while sieging your tanks. Then start building your command center, and at your original base, build another factory. Start pumping out workers for the mineral patches from both command centers. Make them get both minerals and gas.

Now save up minerals to build an armory for the Goliaths. If you can, build another factory; no need to build the shop since it is not required to train Goliaths. Keep training Goliaths from this point.

Your minerals and gas should be piling up, so build a Starport with a tower and create 4 dropships. Build another Starport when you have enough money. This one should have Wraiths coming out. Be sure to have their cloaking ability researched. Create 12 Wraiths, and have these guys for back-up and protection for dropships.

Do not put Goliaths in the dropships just yet, wait 'til you have 16 Goliaths out. When you have your 12 Wraiths, 16 Goliaths, and 4 Dropships, you are ready for an attack. Be sure though, while you are attacking, you are still creating more and more Wraiths, Goliaths, and Dropships, while looking for expansions.

When starting this attack, first recon all possible areas of expasions. Use the scanner sweep and have a few marines move around. If you see that their base is fairly defended, then you could attack that, but if it is heavily defended, hit their expansions.

Tips on attacking:

If you see that they have siege weapons (reavers and tanks mainly), you could do two things: Attack from a distance and have your Wraiths harrass them (for reavers); or, drop Goliaths off right near them so they can hit them first (for tanks because they cannot hit close ranged enemies). Try to come in from their weak points. Use your Wraiths to create a diversion, while sending in the Dropships right after the enemy has spotted the Wraiths. If the Wraiths are cloaked, after they destroy the tower, look around for enemy units heading in the direction of the Goliaths. Take them out if you can, mainly their powerful units. If your Wraiths are having a hard time controlling the enemy's flyers, pull them back towards the Goliaths so that their Hellfire Missiles can work on them.

Webmaster's Note: Personally I would not build so much defense, but it is not a bad idea. Especially in Brood War remember to set up turrets around your Command Center, defense, and maybe one or two other places, just in case of a DT or Lurker drop. The Wraith's in this attack should be very effective, remember to use those.