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Defending A Rush

This strategy is pretty much designed for BGH or a map that forces you to come into an enclosed area to get to your opponent's base. By the way this strategy was sent in by Number 3, thanks a lot! So, here it is:

To avoid rush, build up to 6 SCV's. Then build a Supply Depot in the front entrance. Build 1 more SCV while doing that. After that SCV is finished building the Supply Depot, build a barracks in front of the entrance too. When that's done, build 2 marine's. After that, build a Bunker besides the Barracks. It should look like this in imagination : "the 2 supply's should be beside the barracks at the front." After doing that, you should have a wall. now, build 1 more SCV. After that, get that SCV that you were building with and build a bunker JUST RIGHT behind the barracks. Get 2 more marine's, put them in the bunker. now you can go in and out from your entrance by lifting the barracks up (Like a garage door) and landing closing it (as a garage door). cool huh!? Protoss will not be able to come inside with Zealots, it will be hard for terran too, and the little zerglings will take a long time to pass through your barracks then to your bunker to the SCV's. While they try that, you'll be shooting them. This works ALL THE TIME!

Webmaster Note: This is an awesome strategy! One thing I suggest though, if you are playing against Protoss or Terran and they rush you with either zealots or zerglings. As soon as you kill their guys (which you will), quickly lift up and go counter! Because chances are with an early rush they will have minimal defense and guys! Good luck!