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The tank/goliath rush

This strategy was sent in by Number 3, thanks a lot! It's a good strategy, especially on BGH, not such a great strategy for a ladder game or a map where you have a limited amount of money. So here's the strategy:

First of all, build seven SCV's. Take one SCV that is collecting minerals and have it build one supply depot. While the supply depot is building, make another SCV. When the supply depot is completed, continue to mine with that SCV. When your mineral count reachs 150, build a Barracks. While the barracks is being built, build 2 more SCV's. Next, take an SCV from the minerals and build a refinery. When the barracks is completed, put the SCV that built the Barracks into your Refinery to get Vespene Gas. There should now be 2 SCV's getting gas, the one that built the Refinery and the one that built the Barracks. Now build 2 more SCV's. The first SCV should be put into your Refinery to mine gas and the other should build a 2nd Supply Depot. While the supply depot is being built, build 1 scv. If you are playing a map with a second Vespene place build a 2nd Refinery if not put that SCV into your 1st Refinery. (When the 2nd Refinery is completed only have 2 SCV's on gas.) When that is done, build another SCV and while that is building, build 2 Factory's. When those are completed put the addon for both and then upgrade your tanks to siege mode. Next, build another supply depot. When thats done, take 1 SCV back to collect minerals and get the other to build an Academy. When that is completed, build the add-on on your Command Center (the Scanner). Build 3 more SCV's to collect minerals, and 1 Armory. Once your Armory is completed upgrade your vehicle weapons and armor. From there, the rest is up to you. Remember to upgrade the missles on the goliaths too.

Webmaster's note: I would suggest building a 2nd barracks so you can have some marines and possibly some medics to support your tanks and goliaths. A good attack with this plan would be 4 tanks, to take out your opponent's defense. And between 6 and 10 goliaths, depending on how many marine's, firebats, and medics your bring. Personally I would bring 10 marines, 2 medics, 4 tanks, and 6 goliaths. With this amount of power you are almost guranteed to be victorious, and if not you will damage your opponent greatly.