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Tank Push

In BGH I like to do this strategy because a lot of people enjoy to make defense (and a lot of it) and then they are easily killed with tanks and marines.

You should begin the game by building 7 SCV's and with the 7th you should build a supply depot and then another SCV (the 8th) you should build a barracks. Continue making SCV's and put them on minerals. After the barracks is done build a bunker near by so if a player 6 zergling rushes he can not just run by your bunker. Fill the bunker as soon as possible. Sometimes minerals are further away so it differs when you will have enough money. With the12th SCV make a Refinary. Build 2 more SCV's to put into your refinary.

Build another bunker when you have the extra minerals and fill the bunker. Keep making Supply Depots as you need them and keep making marines until you have 6 extra (Those 6 do not go into the bunkers) Then when u have enough gas (100) and enough minerals (350) make 1 Factory and 1 Barracks. Then pump out tanks and some infantry to provide them with protection.

Once the Factory is done immediately build the machine shop, once you start building the machine shop make sure to save your money, because you need to upgrade to get siege mode and start building a tank immediately after its done. I would suggest to attack with 2 tanks and 12 marines. Make sure to put your marines right in front of your tanks.

This tactic works great against all units. If you attack Protoss and they have a large amount of zealots this may not work.