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Starcraft Related
My old Starcraft Site- - My new starcraft web site, and my first web site in HTML :) - Basically a mirror to the previous link.

Other: - My friend's "skateboarding gang" web site. He said that they'd soon be selling NSI clothing from the web site. You've gotta check it out if you're a skater!!! - Are you a big fan of hockey and goalie Curtis Joesph? Well this is the site for you, made by my friend -jay-. Be sure to check it out!
Paid-To-Surf Programs:

Cash Wars-This is a very fun and addictive game once you learn how to play it!

Qool-This is one of the best paid to surf companies!! They don't really pay you, but you get to bid in online auctions there, for free!!! They also pay for shipping and handling!!! And its REALLY easy to get bidding points (qool coins) first, they give you some when you sign up. Second, they give you 50 just for logging in once a day!! please join this one!! Please sign up I need money!!!

Radio Free Cash.- This one is cool. You get free cds and money for listening to music you like. This pays you 50 cents an hour. please sign up. I just found this one. It looks pretty good. I viewed 238 ads in one day. They pay 75% of what the ads pay them.

If you want to add a link to my page you have to add a link on your page to my page anyways E-Mail me.