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Become An Affiliate/Link to us

Become an Affiliate:

Requirements for becoming an affiliate:

1) You must have the same average number of hits per month as the StarCraft Command or more.

2) You must keep a link to my site on your site, on at least 1 page. I check affiliates regularly and if you delete the link I will delete yours.

3) Your web site MUST be Starcraft-Related.


1) I see that it is fit to add you to the affiliates.

Those are the only requirements. I will post your banner and/or button on my web site and I'll give you the code for my banner to put on your web site If you'd like.

Become an affliate! E-Mail me!

Linking to Us:

Anyone is welcome to link to us. If you fit the requirements for affiliates I will put you under affiliates as long as its ok with you. Please E-Mail me if you want to link to us. Heres the code for the banner if you want to put up the banner: