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Your protoss, and your enemy is zerg. The zerg has swarms of mutalisk, gaurdians, and hydralisk. How do you defend against that?

1) It's quite simple. About 6 templars w/ storm and the
+50 upgrade to take out the hydras. About 18 corsairs upgraded
to at least all 2's for the mutas and guardians. And
about 12 carriers for the rest of the enemies base.

Webmasters note: You might want some back-up attacking units for the hydras.

2) You make a bunch of upgraded scouts and corsairs, cloak them with arbiters, and
while your attacking you use stasis and have a few high templars using psionic storm.

3)High templars with psionic storm and the magic upgrade, reavers/zealots, and corsairs would do great against this mass of zerg units. Maybe some dragoons also if you want.


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