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For the situation of the week, lets say you're playing terran. The terran does that annoying defense, with the barracks, 1 or 2 supply depots, with bunkers and tanks behind it. They are also prepared for you to drop. What do you do to break through their defense?

1) Scouts.......or get something very strong such as 2 carriers for him to foucus on and then when he's attacking them quickly drop.

2) When you attack you stasis the tanks with Arbiters and then send in a fleet
of Dark Templar. Have the dark templar destroy the bunkers and the supply
depots. Have 4 of your dark templar become dark archons.Mind control the
tanks(optional) then send the rest of your dark templar to destroy the rest
of the terran base.

3) If you are zerg you send hydralisk to destroy the supply depots(you should have upgraded them by now) then send Gaurdians to destroy the bunkers. Now use zerglings to attack the tanks.

4) If your terran get a fleet of tanks and have them go into siege mode.
Webmaster's Note: I suggest having some air support for the tanks in case they have air units.

5) You go air with carriers and arbiters. Upgrade them, send the arbiters in through the side of the base and use recall to bring ur carriers in and he/she is dead !!!! to fix the droping thing turn off your StarCraft music it helps! =) GL with this strategy! GL, HF, and KA!  >:)

6) You build an arbiter, 2 reavers, and 2 scouts. The arbiter covers reavers while they blast away the depots and turrets/bunkers/marines. The scouts take out the tanks when there's no turrets. OR, if you prefer the obvious approach, do a massive zealot rush. That would prove decently effective if speed upgraded.
         -Mark Moon

7) With protoss, use around 3 carriers to distract the turrets while dropping. Upgraded dragoons and zealots work pretty well if your going for a frontal assault. You can use reavers to take out their front line of supply depots then go in with the goons and zealots. You could also use psionic storm on the tanks if you can get your high templar in there. Remember to send in 1 or 2 observers for detection! You guys have pretty much covered the rest for protoss :)
        -iceman267 (webmaster)

8) With terran, tanks, goliaths and maybe a science vessel will pretty much take care of that situation. Another option is to nuke the middle of their defense or, in a map like the hunters, you can nuke their turrets from the other side of the river that sepperates the bases. You could also use tanks to take the turrets out from across the river :)

9) With zerg, you basically have two(2) choices. The easier one is to just go in with gaurdians and mutalisks or devourers for air support from any direction and kill them. The other choice is to go in with upgraded hydralisk and take their defense out with that. After you get rid of the supply depots and bunkers you can send in a swarm of zerglings to take out the tanks. Remember to send in 1 or 2 overlords for detection!

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