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People Who Ruin the Game
People Who Ruin the Game
   Hi, after so much trouble finding a good game on the internet, I decided to write this article. Why do they do it? Hackers, backstabbers, newbie bashers, even newb basher killers (I'll explain in a bit). Why do they do it? If your one, please stop. It is very annoying for us nicer and honest players to try to find a game just to get pissed off by some other person hacking or backstabbing.

   Newb basher killers can be wrong sometimes, as a record doesn't mean anything. What they do is join newbie games looking for newb bashers to kill. If they are wrong, they bash the newb. They might ally, but what will that do? Like I said, a record doesn't mean anything. If your someone that hacks, backstabs, newb bashes, etc., please e-mail me and explain why you do it. I'd be very happy to find out just exactly why you people do it. Thats another thing that gets me, why do they do it in the first place? We never did anything to them? Right?

  Think about it. If EVERYONE hacked, backstabbed, newbie bashed, etc, we'd discourage all the newbs and no more new people coming to the starcraft community, discourage older players of starcraft that are tired of all the cheating, and anyone that did try and still play online would only find bad games and no fun in the game anymore. After all, the game is only about fun (maybe not for the koreans, lol j/k you guys), and too often people get swept up in the competition.

If you have any comments, I'll be sure to post them, just e-mail me

           By iceman267