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The Money Rush
No, this is not a probe rush hehe. The strategy was sent in by dudelittledude, THANKS A LOT!!
Start to mine and build a probe with the 50 minerals you start with. Tell him to mine and as you get the money build probes and mine minerals with them untill you need another pylon. Send a probe to make a pylon and then a second and keep building until you have ten pylons. Build probes as fast as you can and make them mine all of the minerals. You can make a thing to harvest gas with (highly reccomended) and tell some men to mine there. Now you will be getting money in the 10 thousands and you can decide what to do from there. Don't worry about zergling, marine, or zealot rushes as the tons of probes kill them easily because of their major out-numberedness. This is very effective because you get so many minerals and gas so you can make any units buildings etc. without the worry of money unless they're good and have like tanks by now then your dead...