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Upgraded Hydralisk Rush

This strategy was sent in by, thanks a lot!!
1.Send drones to mineral patches and send overlord scouting drones until you reach 9 up and make a spawning pool
4.make an overlord and a drone when you have enough money
5.send the new drone to make an extractor
6. when overlord finishes build 3 more drones and put them on the extractor
7. make 3 drones for minerals hydralisk den and save up 300 to make a second hatchery
9. build 2 overlords
10. Build two evolution chambers
11. begin upgrades on damage and carapace, keep upgrading until hydras are
12. Attack with your near fully upgraded hydras

Webmaster's note: This seems like a good strategy. Its basically a hydralisk rush, only they're upgraded. Being upgraded can be pretty good, especially in the early game. Thanks again!!